Always looking for the best deals for us
Ronnie B., customer since 2013

They are really helpful and they truly care about their customers!!! Thank you!!!!
Jeremy B., customer since 2014

You are always available. You are knowledgeable and your advice I has always been helpful
Coy S., customer since 2015

Affordable RATES!
Customer since 2015

You guys have been very good and helpful to us. We do recommend you to our friends. Thanks for the good service.
Rickey S., customer since 2013

The staff is always friendly and very willing to help when needed. If there is an issue they get it fixed right away!
Jana T., customer since 2015

Better prices with more coverage
Customer since 2017

The most wonderful personalized customer service I have ever experienced!!
Jeff T., customer since 2014

You are always there when I need you
Customer since 2012

You all really have a great understanding of what products are available on the market to keep your clients covered. Many things I have never even heard of until Mike brought them up and explained them.
Customer since 2017

Great rates on home and auto insurance from a top-rated carrier and excellent service from people who really care!
John T., customer since 2016

So far I have been pleasantly surprised with the service and timely manner in getting a quote and an inspection. Kathy came out quickly and helped with the home owners policy and also saved me money on the auto policies we have. I am very pleased so far. Keep up the good work.
Johnathan J., customer since 2018

You are always available to talk and you always try to get me the cheapest rate.
Customer since 2011

Working with Vallie Insurance has been by far the best experience I’ve ever had for car and home insurance. They always are professional and courteous in their service and I enjoy sharing with others who are looking for a great value when shopping for insurance.
David F., customer since 2011

I have always felt that the folks at Vallie Insurance were looking out for my best interests when it came to selecting the best insurance for me.
Nelson M., customer since 2009

No one can best hour rates. And you are l very personal
Customer since 2009

Price and service can't be beat
Denise R., customer since 2016

Good price.
Peter M., customer since 1912

Great rates and easy to work with.
Customer since 2011

Great customer service with an extremely friendly and helpful staff.
Edmond S., customer since 2018

We have only had to file one major claim when our house suffered a broken water line. Everything was handled promptly and to our satisfaction. We've never had any problems using Vallie insurance. Thanks Mike.
Curtis S., customer since 2012

very professional and knowledgable of all aspects of insurance
Jerry M., customer since 2018

Quick friendly service
Customer since 2010

I really appreciate the one on one service and the great insurance rates.
Brian M., customer since 2013

Love the service. Always helpful. Thanks Mike and Kathy for all that you do!!!
Stephen Brian K., customer since 2014

Kathy is always friendly and helpful
Allen A., customer since 2014

quick, fast and friendly service. competitive rates
James Nathan B., customer since 2014

Awesome personal friendly staff- goes above and beyond to help
Customer since 2011

Usually very quick with responses to questions. Upon request, will search for better price/quote for coverage. Very personable and I'm made to feel like I'm important. 🙂
Customer since 2016

I am pleased with the low cost of automobile & homeowners insurance and also the prompt and courteous service.
Cecil B., customer since 2013

We've received great service from Vallie Insurance, and the rates have been very good also. Quite happy with our home/auto insurance coverage!
Mark L., customer since 2012

Have used Vallie Insurance for years ,and hope to for many. JC Radford
Jacey R., customer since 2007

Friendly staff
Customer since 2017

We enjoy your kindness and upbeat attitudes. Easy to work with.Very knowledgeable.
Anthony C., customer since 2016

Being very helpful and always so nice
Ada J., customer since 2011

The staff is super friendly and take care of business quickly! Thank you all!
Tammy E., customer since 2012

Always takes good care of my family while I am away from home
Jonas C., customer since 2015

Friendly staff, good rates.
Customer since 2011

Helpful, responsive
Customer since 2017

Best value on car and home insurance.
Debra S., customer since 2007

Your family-friends, we'd gladly recommend you based on our experience and friendship.
Customer since 2012

Great customer service! Goes beyond to help
Stephanie B., customer since 2016

The agents make it a personal experience
Customer since 2016

Everything --Was so nice and answered all questions and it was a pleasant experience. Thanks.
John T., customer since 2017

You helped us when we were traveling in Canada, sending us forms and helping personally. We really appreciate that you care and work hard for us.
Gary L., customer since 2012

Everyone is always quick to help any time i have questions or issues. They go above and beyond to make sure that tge customer is taken care of.
Anthony T., customer since 2016

Always there to answer question in person and vary friendly
Donna B., customer since 2016

Vallie Insurance has always been very responsive with additions /questions and have served us well for MANY years. Highly recommend this group for your insurance needs. JC & Frances Radford
Jacey R., customer since 2007

very helpful an knowledgeable, better rates and more coverage. I am so glad our neighbors referred us, couldn't be happier
Customer since 2017

We recently moved from NC to TN. The transition has been easy with Kathy's help. She is friendly and professional and we know we are going to love having her as our agent.
James E., customer since 2017

Your customer service is beyond comparison, and you have always been there for me.
Jeff S., customer since 2015

Very Informative, very helpful assistance on weighing the pros & cons of the best policy to get.
Customer since 2017

I recommend Vallie Insurance and their employees for all your needs. They are top notch and courteous. Very friendly and reliable. Beat out other agencies on coverage and prices!
Kevin P., customer since 2015

Always take care of any changes an papers i may need. All in time. Thank you.
Customer since 2014

Friendly and low rates
Jonathan S., customer since 2017

I highly recommend Valley Insurance. Mike Valley and his staff are very friendly, helpful and reliable when you need them. They give great and professional service, and spend time on your individual needs. Thanks for your service to my family!
Carl V., customer since 2017

Mike, Thanks for explaining what coverage i needed not just to sell me and also the help that Kathy gives to us would reccomend highly thanks again
Marcus D., customer since 2014

I have felt that my insurance agent would be able to handle any question I might have. You are there, but do not "pester" me with constant communications. Thank you.
Customer since 2013

The ladies in there when I walked in where very polite,and they helped make everything very easy.
Adam N., customer since 2017

Mike, You were welcoming and friendly, and explained exactly how you were able to save me money. It wasn't Vague. Chuck Carter
Customer since 2013

Good rates and good friendly helpful service at the office.
Carl W., customer since 2014

The ladies at Vallie Insurance provide excellent service. I could not have asked for more help with my claim for the damage on my house. I priced other policies with other companies and Vallie was a better value for the money.
Sharon D., customer since 2016

My experience with Vallie insurance has been great! Just a few days ago I had a rock hit my windshield and I called Vallie insurance to file a claim. Within seconds they sent me a text of the windshield repair number and informed me they could fix my windshield. I was staying out at the time and a mobile unit came to the hotel I was staying at and fix it lickety-split. (At no cost to me by the way!) I like working with people that get it done...Vallie insurance fulfills that need, I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
Robert S., customer since 2008

Great customer service and fair pricing
Customer since 2011

Answer the phone when I call. Great service. Do what you say. And save me plenty of money in the process.
Daniel C., customer since 2015

Was curtious and knows insurance well. Instead of gouging on what you don't know, they educated you so you can clearly see what is needed. Matched all my coverages from prior carrier and saves me close to $400 a year. That was the best part.
Charles R., customer since 2017

We have never had to file a claim , but the office has been helpful answering questions I have had .
Customer since 2012

The whole atmosphere at Vallie Insurance is their appreciation of you not only as a valued customer(client), but also as a person who is treated as family. Any questions and concerns that we have had have been addressed promptly.
Customer since 2017

Your price is right and good coverage.
Linda E., customer since 2016

Everything was handled professionally and the products that were recommended were a good fit and priced competitively
Michael P., customer since 2014

Very responsive and found the best insurance we could get at lower rates than expected.
Customer since 2017

Customer service is great!! Kathy Malone really knows her job.
Kim T., customer since 2011

Vallie explains things well and helps to ensure the right coverage.
Andy P., customer since 2012

I have been taken good care of at Vallie Insurance in Greenville. Thank you for your services. Kelvin Williams
Kelvin W., customer since 2015

Saved me a boatload over State Farm. Support me like family.
Chris W., customer since 2015

Very friendly staff with great customer service. They always go out of their way to take care of you.
Customer since 2013

Kathy, You provide the insurance services I need promptly at the best rates I've found. Thank you!
Customer since 2016

The way you have worked with me to make sure I get the insurance that covers my needs at a fare price.
Customer since 2017

Vallie Insurance took the time to address my needs and found me the best price. I would refer them to my friends and family in a heartbeat. Thanks Vallie!!!!!
David M., customer since 2017

Fast reliable service.
Customer since 2015

kathy had to drive a good ways to meet and insp. ..was on time and very professional
Customer since 2015

When I think of insurance I think of getting the most for my money. At Vallie I got a great price for my homes..I just recently sent my home buyer to your agency and he bought homeowners insurance from you for ,the home we hold the mortgage on.His name is *****, From Mountain City.. Thanks May God Bless G Bell
Glenita B., customer since 2013

When I needed my roof fixed you got people on it the same day I called you .When I was in a car crash my agent had answers to my questions,and got phone numbers of contacts for me .
Gary L., customer since 2014

Kathy goes above and beyond to help her customers. She always tries to get the best rate and is quick to respond. I highly recommend them.
Heather G., customer since 2014

Number one- same coverage for less money than previous company. Number two- thoroughly reviewed my needs with suggestions for any changed and/or additions to my policie(s).
Customer since 2011

You are always there ready to help.
Customer since 2016

Great service before i even signed a contract. Helpful employees that gave me a fast quote, and have continued to help me with everything I've encountered. The price for my new policy saved me $100 a month.
Courtney P., customer since 2016

Called me back in timely manner with a very affordable quote. I did have a local company that was recommended to me that never returned my calls. Great job guys. Thanks!
Danny S., customer since 2016

There is always someone available to help with any questions. Good customer service.
Customer since 2011

You searched and shopped for car insurance for one of our teen's less than perfect driving record!
Jeff T., customer since 2014

you guys go out of your way to help me get the coverage and price that we need Thanks for all you do.
Teddy D., customer since 2013

Easy to do business with, filed 1 claim, absolutely no problems getting it settled
Daryl H., customer since 2018

You called us to let us know that you were lowering our monthly amount on our homeowners.......that's reason enough to stick around........thanks you The Blakes
Pat B., customer since 2012

The agents are readily accessible and easy to work with.
Customer since 2010

I am a mortgage broker and have referred several clients in your direction. Thanks
Customer since 2016

I have been a very satisfied Vallie Insurance customer for several years now. Mike and his staff have always worked hard to serve my family's needs. They have reviewed my policy from time to time to make sure coverage is adequate, made suggestions that have saved some money, and have always communicated a friendliness and genuine concern which means a lot to me and my family. I researched different insurance companies and feel like I got the best value by far by going with Erie and they have never given me a single reason to look somewhere else. I highly recommend you consider giving Erie an opportunity to serve your family!
David F., customer since 2011

You saved us money.
Customer since 2010

you are there when we need you and it matters most.
Customer since 2010

Not only have we saved money,everyone at your office has always worked hard for all our family needs
John G., customer since 2010

I liked signing electronic. Kathy answered phone and took care of business with in few minutes. No hassle. Thank you
Tricia C., customer since 2012

You have kept our prices low. That means a lot when you are on a budget. Thank you.
Customer since 2016

Great customer assistance. Mike and Kathy know us by name and are familiar with our vehicle needs and property insurance needs. They both go the extra mile it helping us find the right insurance for our multiple needs and make every effort to do so at a reasonable price.
Lisa P., customer since 2006

Personal touch and going over the specifics and tweaking it until I had the coverage I wanted at a price I could afford (Though I hope it doesn't go uo this year). 🙂
Customer since 2016

Great customer service, reasonable rates and insurance that meets our needs.
Gary H., customer since 2008

I have been with Vallie for the last two years, and pleased with the service.They are quick to respond to my needs.
Joe C., customer since 2016

Very professional, friendly staff. Excellent service.
Customer since 2016

Communication. You will get back to us on our questions. The Staff is courteous and and considerate. It is important to us that our insurance company is available to answer the questions we might be concerned with at the time. We thankfully have not filed a claim yet, but I'm expecting complete satisfaction should this occur. Thank you, Brenda Thank you,
Customer since 2016

Just talking to us and explaining the way your insurance program works
Customer since 2017

Working with Vallie insurance was quick and easy! Great rates too!
Customer since 2017

the professional and personal service.
Customer since 2009

We have known the Vallie family for years and would never hesitate to refer them to others! Great family run business.
Michael M., customer since 2012

Great experience during initial issuance of insurance policy. Very easy and accommodating to adding additional vehicle and driver.
Customer since 2016

Saved us money
Customer since 2017

Besides saving us money on our Home and Car insurance- Vallie Insurance has been a big help when we needed them when we had a claim.
Keith G., customer since 2009

Most competitive pricing and good service. Christian values
Bob S., customer since 2015

Better quality replacement insurance working for and with my community.
Lisa L., customer since 2017

Always very helpful
Customer since 2015

Vallie Insurance took the time to research different insurance products and provide me with the best coverage to meet my needs while helping me take advantage of as many discounts as possible. I feel well protected with my insurance policies with Erie Insurance. After shopping around and comparing different insurance companies, I feel like I am using the best company since they offer more benefits and better benefits than other insurance companies offer. I hope I never have a claim, but the rental car benefits appear far superior to the benefits offered by other insurance companies. Thank you Vallie.
Patrick C., customer since 2017

My husband and I have been with Vallie Insurance for quite a number of years. Mike and his office staff are very helpful, and Kathy gets back with us promptly when we have a question. We have had 1 accident and they were very prompt and hassle free in processing the claim. I would not hesitate to recommend then to anyone.
Lisa P., customer since 2006

Vallie insurance is a great place to have your insurance needs met. They have good service, reasonable rates and friendly staff.
Gary H., customer since 2008

We were very happy that Vallie Insurance Co. helped us pay for mold remediation done. We all breathe a little easier having that taken care of. Thank you for sharing a prayer request for your family member on your marquis last month. We hope he had a wonderful recovery. Steve and Dawn
Stephen T., customer since 2017

I was pleased with the prompt service and friendliness. I saved almost $500.00 a year on my automobile and homeowners insurance.
Cecil B., customer since 2013

Kathy was very helpful in answering questions concerning our auto insurance. Everytime we have had a need or question she has always been there for us.
Customer since 2010

The rates and services offered by Vallie Insurance are top notch. However, what makes these folks the best in town is their top notch staff and customer service! Mike and the gang will go above and beyond to make sure you have exactly what you need to ensure you are taken care of in the event of a claim!
Brandon S., customer since 2016

Premiums have stayed the same. Thank goodness we have not had any claims!
Martha L., customer since 2014

I loved how thorough Mike was in reviewing my plan and explaining it all to me.
Delora B., customer since 2017

Love Erie and the service we've gotten from Vallie Insurance. Would highly recommend to anyone!
Stephen Brian K., customer since 2014

All dealings with Mike or his staff is always courteous and professional.
Customer since 2014

continue to help use with insurance , explaining to us to get the best for what we need.
Customer since 2011

Great rates and friendly staff. I have already recommended you to a couple who recently changed their homeowners and vehicles to you.
Customer since 2011

We have always received excellent service from your office. I have referred people to you.
William N., customer since 2011

Very pleasant setting up my needs, was totally satisfied.
Bob A., customer since 2017

Vallie Insurance really cares about its customers. Available 24/7 without hesitation.
Customer since 2011

We like several things: 1) The premiums are reasonable/better compared to other companies 2) The customer service is good 3) We can always reach a person to talk to if we have questions/concerns 4) We have been taken care of well when accidents occur
Customer since 2012

Kathy, Kathy, Kathy is so on top of things and price is another big deal..And I have referred several others to you as well.
Jeff K., customer since 2011

Everyone at Vallie that we worked with reviewed the policies thoroughly with us and then took the time to work with us to get the right types and amount of coverage we needed..
Customer since 2017

Have always been there to help with anything I've needed including getting in touch with other insurance company to help when they wouldn't work with me
Customer since 2011

Good customer service and fast responses.
Melissa W., customer since 2016

Good rates and good agents to work with
Customer since 2012

Hope question showed a 10 that is what I tried 2 put one thing was homes at today's Price and umbrella policy.
Customer since 2017

Vallie Ins. goes above and beyond the normal, to help in an emergency. When my daughter moved to Limestone, Tn. I had her change her ins to Vallie. Everyone in the office was very helpful in this transition. They also helped me when I moved here.
Customer since 2013

Getting onto our problem overnight before work hours even started! Awesome!! Plus calling to see if we had received what we needed.
Gary L., customer since 2012

Excellent staff and great prices. I couldn't ask for a better place to purchase insurance.
Adam M., customer since 2012

I am pleased with the fact that I can access my account via email. Thanks very much for your help any time I need it you have been there for me.
Customer since 2011

The rates are great, claim service is fast, the staff is very personable, and just a great group of people and company to work with. I have never had a question that wasn't addressed quickly. I couldn't be happier having my insurance with Vallie.
Anthony T., customer since 2016